Namaskaram Swamigaru, Namaskaram to all,

Hot tea in my favorite white cup, now- yes, its monsoon, damp, cold here almost raining every day intermittently with sun sometimes, very occasionally seen. There was this ad, a tea promoting one, whose “tag line” was catchy —“do u have the color, taste and consistency in your  life” ?—(the ad sold the tea by convincing the above three would be replenished with its intake!) same tea to now, it tastes good, of course color too. The point is, not the tea but the “tag line”—that’s what are the prime qualities/ingredients exactly needed for an enthusiastic life… color and taste widely occurring variables but consistency is subjective though. Got stuck with color ….rang rang rangeela re…

Colors- immediately comes to mind, oh my favorite color is.., to some a painting appears, others visualize beautiful bouquet,  while the mother nature’s greenery over mountains and valleys sprinkled with colorful flowers fluttered by  brightly colored butterflies, birds and milky streams may flood one’s thoughts. Garments, nail paints, lip gloss…sell them by saying “add color to life”, another tag line. Uhmm colors —come in infinite range, hues, shades, pastels, tints, metallic sheens, rustic, …pretty, colorful….all between white and black, including them.

Thoughts full of  colors – how can one miss a the Rainbow, a colorful necklace that adorns the sky, with rain and sun. Beautifully carved, nature’s perfect geometry/arc/bow/circle design — magnificent architecture, wonderful. VIBGYOR-mnemonic of rainbow colors, for the split light of sun. The  visible colorful portion of the rays of sun- optical spectrum, with frequency approximately between  800 THz to 400THz, is the vibration of light that one can see .

Mused with beauty of nature, mindful colors – my eyes fell on  a picture of chakras , a paper ad–colored chakras, where they followed VIBGYOR pattern! of rainbow!. I do not know anything about chakras, just observed the pattern, violet color being at the top, sahasrara lotus in violet. Slowly tried to see the colors, their frequency was in ascending pattern from lowest chakra, being red colored with lowest frequency and going up towards head, there was this violet color of highest(visible) frequency. Then I just felt – all great sadhaks then must be trying to do is –to increase the frequency of these chakras/light/power(Kundalini, Shakti)  so as to reach to top, head(Shiva)- that may result in what is called-Bliss, Kaivalya, Enlightenment—thus this idea made me think in accordance with colors, (which are nothing but light), in  terms of frequency/vibration and if we increase frequency, we increase power/ wellness. Colors-like blue, indigo and violet all these have increased frequency, so even looking at them gives pleasantness, best eg., is Sri Krishna photo, you know what I mean now.

Now, this last line invoked different shortcuts in my mind. To attain that good feeling, whole sadhana??… I am very much small/minute….,  so I started to find ways that are at hand in day to day life—few ideas sprouted :color therapy- reconsider wall painting(vaastu), change the colors of light , wear clothes with these colors, put on gems, —but are these practical? But one likes variety-same, monotonous color everywhere would be a mess/boring. And above all these- does the experiment bring the desired change/influence  and if so to what extent?

Again I shifted my gaze, not convinced back to the origin of whole saga—that is to color, the sky. Vastest color that we see in sky – sky blue, with silver/white/grey clouds during day time. It turns dark at night with twinkling stars, moon and clouds. Wait, Sky Blue right, it flashed, yes the different shades of blue- violet, indigo and blue are seen in the sky every day, not once but twice, in the twilight hour at dawn( and dusk)—which yogis, sages, rishis, munis, Gods all consider as greatest hours, brahmamuhurta with highest cosmic energy and at that hour 1&1/2hr, before sunrise and nearly an hour after, has this color of shades of blue.  I had read that all sadhaks use this hour for their sadhana.  The answer/clue – the shortcut I found—if one wakes up at that hour and just fills/feels the natural, highest form of universally freely available energy at that time, then one is  automatically infused with that source of energy. By this one can increase their frequency (color/light/chakra) and this in turn may be the beginning of new experiences-happiness/pleasantness/peace… the long run, from mere waking up, I pray God will bless to do sadhana one day(no short cuts to please/appease him). This brahma muhurtha , a sure shortcut to increase the frequency/vibration/energy allows to grow higher, might bring permanent advancement towards ones goal, HIM.

Of course, this is nothing new; everyone knows the significance of brahma muhurta/chakras/colors. But to me, a self discovery, the way I reached to it, my own way, very slow, late, better than never. The thought started from the colors, sky, color of rainbow and ended right back where it had begun, to and in the sky, color. This brings me back the memory of a novel, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho- where the protagonist had left the town and went around the world in search of treasure, only to find it back just lying, underneath within his own homeland.  

I want to conclude, but I know this is just the beginning of my explorations of color, VIBGYOR pattern – in the world. Its seen in human aura, that’s why one talk’s about vibes/frequency…my type so on—are nothing but colors. That’s the reason why colors are represented/stand/symbolise our emotions, like white for peace/serene/divinity, then red for passion/danger…etc.,. To establish proper link, trick is to wear the color that matches/enhances one’s need. Lot more to know. By the way what’s your color?

Thank you.