The Dance Of Light



To live like there’s nothing to lose

To die like it’s a dance of joy

Is my longing, o dear

Don’t tell me stories of fears.


To love like there’s nothing left to share

Everything that’s worth sharing,

To embrace like now we’re one

Is my desire, o dear

Don’t give me reasons to hate.


To spread beauty and fragrance

Like a fully bloomed flower,

As long as there’s life in veins—

Is my effort, o dear

Don’t trample on me with your greed.


To be a light of hope

Even that of a candle

In somebody’s dark corridors

Is my sadhana, o dear

Don’t blow away at me with your negativity.


I want to dance

The dance of light.

The dance of life and death

And of everything in between.


Let’s dance now. 

It’s tango time…!

Thank you.
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