Koti koti pranam at param pujya Swamiji’s lotus feet. Jai Shri Hari. Thank you Swamiji for continuous transmission of the unlimited energy  in wireless manner (the scientific theory for the same is yet to be developed). But not everything runs as per Science’s limited exploration. There is world beyond Science. What is Science? Some theory backed by equations and experimental observations. The thing which lies beyond human explanation stays out of the realm of Science. But that does not mean that the events are non-significant in any manner.

Anyway, enough of pravachan! Else, I will become the next dadhi wala Baba! Now let’s come back to the topic. Let me introduce you to Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Neutron. Actually, they are part of Particle Physics. But in this case, Alpha, Beta and Gamma are three adorable puppies and Neutron is their mother. The nomenclature is awarded by my colleague Manish.

During our course of experimentation and various testings, we move from one lab to another lab. Some tests run overnight also.

There appears this adorable and playful dog family. They are a perfect play partner when we are dejected, bored taking readings after readings. In the lush green lawn outside the labs (special thanks to the gardeners who are really doing a great job to maintain it), these buddies would be waiting for us. (Or rather the other way round!). After some real mind draining tests, the moment we come out, the trio will jump and start inviting us to play with them. In this context, I would like to mention something about my love for dogs.

From my childhood onwards, I have a special attachment towards dogs (though I never had a pet one). I used to feed a street dog whom I nick named ‘Bhalu’ because of its size. She was really the heartthrob for her male counterparts. (Yup, she was very beautiful!). I used to feed her from my own meal at times. During exam seasons, as I grew nervous and anxious, I would eat very less (in spite of that, my mother would try her level best to push it through my throat) and lot of my stuffs would be left over. I don’t know why all mothers are like this. That time ‘Bhalu’ would come to my rescue. I used to convince my mother that the food was not wasted rather being fed to an animal in need.

Out of numerous children of Bhalu, one special one was there called ‘Nalu’. Nalu was a ‘he’. He was strong, stout and very handsome. Since, its childhood, I was involved with him. Sometimes it seemed that Nalu could understand my mood. When I was upset, he used to sleep at my feet in the park bench. When I called him for food he would appear out of thin air! My elder brother, mother, father and friends were damn sure that I was a dog in my last birth as I could accurately replicate the voice of dogs to confuse the adults let alone the puppies! Sometimes I also feel like I was a dog in my previous birth (if any).

Now coming back to the present day, two days ago when Manish and I were playing with Alpha, Beta and Gamma, Alpha was not that much active. Manish played with Beta and Gamma. But, I was bothered by Alpha’s inactivity. It seemed that it was in some kind of pain. I went near Alpha. Their mother Neutron was sleeping near Alpha continuously licking a leg of Alpha. As I approached, Neutron became furious. But with the use of my dog language, I wanted to enquire about the matter. After pacifying Neutron, I went close to Alpha.

I was shocked to see that the back right leg of Alpha was injured. It was barely able to stand up. Neutron was very sad. That is what is a mother. Mother of any species right from human to animals to birds are very protective for their off-springs. There was literally tear rolling down the cheeks of Neutron as if it was requesting me to do something. That teary eyed mother caught my attention. Later I came to know that some miscreants had hit Alpha in its leg to just have fun. What kind of fun was it?

I tried to find the culprits, but got no clue, hope I had Sherlock Holems by my side! We human beings are the most cruel creatures. We don’t live happily, neither do we let others live their life in a normal manner may it be fellow human beings or animals. Then I took haldi (turmeric powder) and tied to the injured portion of the leg of Alpha with turmeric powder in a piece of cloth day before yesterday. I fed it with some biscuits.

After a day’s gap, today again I visited the family. Alpha was feeling relieved and came to me instantly hoping I would be carrying some biscuit. And I did not disappoint it. I gave a treat of marigold biscuit to the entire family. They were coming back to normalcy which really struck a chord in my heart. I know that the association won’t be too long as some fine day, our organization will call the Municipality fellows to catch the stray dogs inside our sprawling office premises and take them away. But a new generation will somehow appear to fill the void.

That’s how things are running since last 12 years and god willing, the same will continue.

PS: I love stray dogs more than pet dogs. It’s not that I hate pet dogs, but more affectionate towards stray dogs as nobody own them

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