Has it happen with you that all your enthusiasm washed away in a moment? It happened recently. All that I never thought and imagined seems is happening with me, including the surgery, and other events unfolded there after. On my first visit to the hospital for the checkup, they found out a major fracture in my right hand. I thought I was checked thoroughly after the accident but how could they miss the major fracture and then my hand is tied for a month and half. Just after few days, I was down with high fever and doctors found out a urine infection, bed sores (common in spine injury). All my energy to exercise and regain my body movement got drained out and then, I met a doctor (he should change his profession ) who said, I will never get back to normalcy.

After spinal injury, two physiotherapist were visiting my house regularly so that I can get some movement in my upper and lower part of the body, Later my dad decided to hire one more physiotherapist so that my progress get faster. The man came to my room and checked my nerves, he told me, Harshita, don’t just think that you will be getting back to the normal life and lead it the same way as before. I just heard this much and got blanked. He said something else also but I couldn’t remember. The moment he left, my mother came to my room and sat next to me. I saw her and cried. In the past one month, after the surgery and all the pain, I never cried but this time, I did. I felt no energy left in me to fight anymore. Three days went by and I didn’t talk much, my cousins were coming to me but nothing was working. It took time and  I feel better. Words leave an impact, sometimes a very strong impact. 

With God’s grace, I realised not everyone will say that I will do it and I will get back to my normal life. The hurdles that I’ll face now will break me the most but I need to cross each one of them patiently. This realization doesn’t put a full stop on the hurdles but the realisation helps to face them. After a week I was supposed to join the Spine Centre (ISIC) in Vasant Kunj and we left early morning for the admission. I had a severe pain in my left leg and the moment they checked it before the admission, it was due to severe blood clots and another surgery was suggested. I was like, not anymore! I was referred to Apollo again and got admitted there. Before leaving for ISIC, I was pumped up by everyone around me to give my best shot and here I am, giving my best shot so that I don’t get another surgery. But, doctors suggested its not needed and it can be cured with a medication. After three days,  I was discharged and I am back to home because my legs can’t be moved for the next two weeks. So, all the plans I make for ISIC found an error. But, it won’t work out with my planning. 

I will be meeting people with negative thoughts, there would be challenges and obstacles and things won’t work out as per my plans but rather than giving up, I need to really motivate myself. I have accepted that it won’t be a cake wake but that doesn’t mean I can’t walk. Challenges were there before the injury too but it’s not my way to give them too much importance. I do get swayed and tensed sometimes, but I won’t let them bother me for longer. So, I want to tell you all that it rarely happens that life would go as per our strategy but that doesn’t mean we should stop planning, what is needed to keep on doing some editing to the plans to fit the current situation. On that note, Happy New Year everyone. Life is too short to worry about things, so just live happily. As per the plans now, I will be shifted to the spine center in the coming week, hopefully! 

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