Yesterday I was in deep thought in my own imaginations. Suddenly something struck into my mind.


What’s the role of number ‘ZERO’ ?


What was the need of zero in mathematics? Why mathematics is incomplete without zero?


I don’t know why but this question was continuously struck-ing in my mind all the day. I don’t know what to do so I decided to share some of my logic that could somehow relate to this and recieve your knowledge related to this through this article.


0 is that number which has no value of it’s own, Right? Similarly number next to 0 is 1 which is the smallest natural number, Right? But when 0 is placed after 1, it becomes 10. Similarly when placed after 2, it becomes 20. Isn’t that strange? 


Yeah, none of you may have argued with your maths teacher that a number which has no value of it’s own, how that number when placed after any number could make it’s value 10 times? 


Well I too never asked this question to my teacher because that didn’t matter that much to me at that small age. 


But when I constantly tried to relate this concept I came to a beautiful Theory of my own which is worth enough to add value to anyone’s life 🙌🏻.


The Story Of Eklavya!! 


  • “You might have read the story of Arjuna and Dronacharya. Eklavya wanted to learn archery and he belonged to a poor family. He fell in feet of Dronacharya and begged him to teach the art of archery. But Dronacharya were bound to teach to the Son of the Kings and they had promised to make ‘Arjuna’ the best Archer in the world. But Eklavya had accepted Dronacharya as his guru. He started to practice archery in front of the statue of his guru Drona which he had built by himself and had become the best Archer among all the state princes. When Arjuna came to know about him, he asked who had taught him archery? He simply replied Dronacharya. Arjuna couldn’t hold his anger and blamed the acharya. Dronacharya along with Arjuna went to Eklavya’s place and were surprised to see his skills developed under the guidance of their statue only. Dronacharya had to keep their promise so they asked Eklavya to give his right thumb as Guru-Dakshina (Gift) and Eklavya without hesitating cut his right thumb and put it in their feet, but they can’t keep him away from the art of mastering Archery without a thumb’.


Today we know Dronacharya more from the story of Eklavya than of the prince Arjuna. That what I wanted to relate. Eklavya was that zero who didn’t have it’s value of it’s own but he added that value to the name of Dronacharya that, today we know them more by the name of Eklavya. That’s what the value of zero.


Sometimes I feel so low when rejected by the society and being underestimated by the people around me. A person who is not successful doesn’t mean he is zero, he just haven’t got the facilities and opportunities that a normal person gets in his life. And once he gets that platform, his work is known by many like Eklavya. Somehow it relates to everyone at some point of life when life doesn’t go as smooth as we want. These are the situations when we have to understand the value of zero. The day we would stop judging ourselves and understand our worth, that day we will realize our success in failures.


At the end there’s a small piece of writing which describes my everyday’s morning!! 😄


Mom let me sleep, I can’t fight,

This place for me, is not right.

God, will you stop taking my test?

I can’t give everyday my best.

I am tired to carry their expectations.

I am tired to fake these relations.

I am tired to face these situations.

I am tired of these frustrations.

I am used to these excuses.

I am used to these misuses.

I need someone to talk with,

I need someone to walk with,

In a cloudy night,with hands hold tight,

Aloud we scream, Oh no! It’s a dream.

Mom let me sleep, I can’t fight,

This place for me, is not right.


~Hargun Singh