Keanu Reeves is a very kind actor in real life. The pains and tragedies that he went through all his life has molded him into a very genuine, compassionate and kind person. Since his sister Kim defeated Leukemia; he has become very aware of this deadly disease’s existence in our society. Keanu got involved with various hospitals, NGOs and research centers; to help people who are suffering from cancer. It’s said that in 2 decades, he has donated millions of dollars to children’s hospitals that treats cancer in childrens. He has also generously funded many research centres that research about the medicines that treat this medical condition. When a reporter asked about these secret donations done by Keanu; he simply answered that his foundation does all the work and he doesn’t want to attach his name to the foundation. That’s also shows how humble Keanu is along with being kind. 

There are so many stories of random people who witnessed Keanu’s RAKs with their own eyes. From vacating his seat on the New York Subway for a standing lady to buying an ice cream for a young man so as to give him his autograph which the young fan couldn’t take because of a huge crowd present for the Superstar; Keanu has done so many RAKs like these. 

To Be Continued…

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