The lost pages 2


In an island where its core lit with striking gold and the night resonated with soothing moonbeams all around, lay an enchanting forest filled with the trees of burl-flower where the bees and birds sang “Hring” all day and the air was filled with the fragrance of deer musk, lay a palace. The pillars adorned with studded jewels and the grand arches seemed to be like the eyebrows of cupid, encapsulated the fallen sunbeams, and slowly emanated light as the sunset.


“Wake up dear, Today is the day of his arrival.” Alarmed a sweet voice seeming very excited. “Who?” I asked rubbing my eyes.” Kamesh!” She replied. I could see the wife’s longing to meet her beloved husband after many light-years. And her reason was genuine as Kamesh used to return to the abode once every 14 billion human years, stay for one celestial day and then leave. They do not get enough time together.


“Sampatkari, arrange the incense and fragrances for the royal bath. Nakula, are the flowers ready for his welcoming ceremony? Shyamla, what about the arrangements in the kitchen? Today I will personally head on the cooking arrangements. Hurry up.” I had never seen her so happy in the last few billion human years. As she finished instructing her associates, she turned to me,” Get ready dear, you have to be with me for his welcome ceremony. Take a bath and quickly dress up. Dwibhuja, assist him.” “There is no need Maa, your son can dress up on his own.” “As you wish dear”, saying this she left for the kitchen.


Her eyes glittered as the image of Kamesh fell over.


The pupils who used to play like a fish now lay standstill and why not? The persona of Kamesh was adequate to stun a thousand cupids. Ash smeared all over and a trident in his hand. Matted locks adorned the moon, Elaeocarpus beads all over the body and a snake slithering on his neck, he was one in one.


With his enchanting voice he addressed “Bhadre, how have you been?”

“Sshh, speak no more. See your condition, you have not been taking care of yourself on Earth. Lord, please let me take care of you first then we can talk.” “As you wish,” said Kamesh. As they were leaving, I got down and touched his feet.” May you have wellbeing. You have been taking great care of your mother while I was gone.” As he said this, he patted my head. “It’s all your grace, Lord. But it is you who invokes the exuberance in her. Now please allow us to serve you.”


As the grand bath was over, it was time for the grand feast. The 108-item dish looked lavishing as The Cook had personally prepared it for her beloved. As all her ascendants lay fanning them, Maa personally served and him every morsel by her hand.


As they sat in the balcony, Maa asked, “How is everything going on Earth? You came for a long time. Aren’t you going to stay a little longer?”


Kamesh replied,” Bhadre, as per the sacred injunction, tomorrow is the destruction of Earth. I have to perform the cosmic dance to aid its dissolution so that Chaturanan can create a new one.” Which one?” My mother added.


“The one in the Milky Way. It has completed his age.”


“Oh, let us see then. I am going to witness it for the first time. But lord, I have to ask you something.” “Command Bhadre!” “Lord, the next time you visit Earth, I want to accompany you. Be by your side to take care of you. And, a wife’s place is always by his husband’s side.”


“Don’t ask this Bhadre. You know you cannot inhabit this form on Earth. You must take the form of a human and a human body comes up with many complexities, many emotions that you do not know about. You must face many challenges that are not here in this Chintamani Griha. Please understand as you take a human body, you will forget everything regarding your past, your identity until you get enlightened. It’s a tough journey and you don’t need to go through it.”


“Without you, this palace already looks like a ruin to me, Lord. Although there will be challenges you will be there to guide me to realize my true self, that I am sure of the Lord. And with you, I can overcome any challenge.” As she said, she held Kamesh’s hand. With a deep sigh, Kamesh replied,” As you wish Mahadevi. Who am I to refuse you! With this creation, you will accompany me to Earth, but have you thought about him?”


As the conversation went by, I was laying on my bed, eavesdropping. I knew the moment had arrived and it was time to part ways. But in a way, I was happy for her as she could finally be with him. The next day, I accompanied them to the spot where Kamesh was going to his cosmic dance. With the mastery of his Mahima Siddhi, he expanded his form to a cosmic level.


It was such a magnificence to behold, no words found ever describe.


As he started his dance, we experienced something that we never experienced. It was fear. As he continued, the Earth was being consumed by the Sun.


As the annihilation was completed, he took his damru and played it 14 times. Each sound manifested a vibration that still reverberates in the universe.


As he came back to his normal form, I asked him, “Why did you play it?” He replied, ” These were eternal sounds that will always be present in the universe. In due course of time, these vibrations will be seen by seers who will use it to benefit societies.”


As they prepared for their journey, they asked me, “Will you accompany us to Earth?” I said,” Maybe later. I will come once you get settled. There is a big journey ahead of you. I don’t want to burden you.” My mother instructed “Then go to my brother’s abode and stay there with then. You can come when you wish.” I replied obligingly, “As you wish mother.”



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