As we acquire the skills essential for contributing to an organization, we feel ready to enter the world of professionalism with dreams in our eyes and hope in our hearts. The journey ahead seems full of aspirations waiting to be fulfilled and opportunities waiting to be taken. It is indeed a big step for a youngster who is taking this role after completing their basic education and developing the expertise to contribute in a chosen field.

As work becomes routine you begin to realize the commitment and responsibilities that go along with this opportunity. This is the beginning of a transition and it is your own effort and involvement that will lead you onwards towards your goal. This is a straightforward approach that was bred into our minds by our elders but the actual scenario is not so as imagined. In the actual scene where we anticipated cooperation, guidance, and support we soon realize that this is just a myth far from reality. Instead, there is competition, one-upmanship, doubt, and lack of clarity in a given task. You may be fortunate if you come across a well-wisher and a guide but eventually you are expected to learn the ropes to cope with the systems that exist in the workplace.

There is another ethos that has found precedence over dedication and sincerity and that is flattery and egoistic attitude. A person who is in the position of a head often likes to have a clout of people who fan his ego, follow instructions without using their own mind or logic. They enjoy playing the blame game to safeguard their own interests and talk big to only set up impressions and create an aura that keeps them safe. New enterprise and excitement in fulfilling a task by a newcomer is often questioned and quite often quashed as being a little too ambitious and not practical. Fault finding seems easier than motivating and often snatches away the pride that a person may feel in contributing positive ideas, This often undermines the confidence and self-esteem of a dedicated work resource who is struggling to fit into the working arena.

Work Smart seems the new mantra in the corporate world…even if it means trampling over the efforts of others. People who work with wisdom and sincerity are often sidelined and made fun of as they may take longer to complete a given task. The steady systems are often twisted to meet an immediate requirement but they must not question the existing and time-tested procedures that have their own merits. Work Systems must modify with the time but they must aim to take people along and not distance them from their own worth, the value of TEAMĀ  work must be recognized and respected as “Together Everyone Achieves More.”