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We’ll now discuss the final segmentTranscending the Future in our Path to Om. It goes:

Sound and Light Energies -> The Singular Entity

Light Energy 

Until here, a spiritual explorer is in the dark about what the Singular Entity means to them. Their bring-it-on attitude in the present makes them confident. Their Purity of Intention and Inner Purity empties their Karma baggage. Sound Energy acts as a catalyst in the process.

Owing to all of the above, a person gets a glimpse of their spiritual destination at some point. However, without Light Energy, they can’t identify their Truth even if it stands in front of them! If they do recognize it, they still can’t accept or digest it without Light Energy. Here, Light Energy symbolizes Wisdom.

Recognizing Your Truth

To give us some indication of our Truth, a few compassionate souls documented their Truths: 

  • Divine Visions: Their first glimpse of the Singular Entity was a Vision in the form of their deity. That may occur for those following Bhakti. 
  • Anahata Nada: A few perceived the Singular Entity as Anahata Nada, represented by the Sound Symbol Om.
  • Abha: The Singular Entity appeared as Abha or radiance, referred to as Devi by a few.
  • The Formless: Many perceived neither sound nor light but felt a constant Divine presence, which they termed The Formless.
  • Shunyata or Emptiness: Some felt perfect tranquility without any other experience, which they labeled Shunyata or Emptiness.
  • Knowing Yourself: In some cases, people felt complete just by knowing their past lives or something about their present or future. 

At times, a few people experienced combinations of the above, and others found something different from those listed. Hence, we must treat this information as mere reference points. 

Receiving Your Truth

What does the Singular Entity mean to you? What is your Truth? 

Only you will know that. When your Karma clears, the Grace of Wisdom reveals your Truth. If something you experience is your Truth, it won’t make you attached. Instead, it will make you feel complete and liberated. 

Your Guru may indicate it, but they can’t make you experience it. Sometimes, a genuine Guru takes on our Karma to make our spiritual journey quicker.

The good news is when you pursue everything discussed so far, that Wisdom somehow shines on you. The sages described that as the unveiling of Maya, Nature’s illusion. Practitioners of Bhakti attributed that clearing of Maya to the grace of their deity. 

Additionally, a massive issue when seekers receive their truths is comparison. When the Grace of Wisdom dawns on people, they understand that all Truths are equal. Just like our body is unique to us, our Truth is also special to us.

The Divine Trio

Naren (Swami Vivekananda) met Sri Ramakrishna for the first time. The latter said Naren was already a liberated sage. Hence, Sri Ramakrishna addressed Naren as Narayana (Vishnu) and offered prayers to him. After living with Sri Ramakrishna for about a year, Sri Sarada Devi got liberated. Therefore, Sri Ramakrishna offered prayers to her during the Shodasi Pooja

Sri Ramakrishna never “officially” made Naren his student because the former considered the latter his equal. Yet, Swami Vivekananda always referred to Sri Ramakrishna as his Guru. Even though they were equals, Swami Vivekananda revered Sri Sarada Devi as his living Devi Durga. 

Sri Sarada Devi was a liberated soul, but she worshipped Sri Ramakrishna throughout her life. Further, she treated Swami Vivekananda at par with Sri Ramakrishna.


Worldly tags are sheer social norms for liberated souls. The labels of Guru, disciple, husband, wife, parent, child, and so on are simply formalities for them. Due to this, Sanatana Dharma considers all realized souls as equals.

The limited minds, succumbing to their ego, put one liberated soul over the other based on their popularity and worldly labels. Yet, as demonstrated by the Divine Trio, each respected the other two as their superior!

That’s the hallmark of genuinely liberated souls. Their humility isn’t fake actions or flowery words, but it’s a state of their being. Until a person learns to keep their egos in check, they’re not liberated even after knowing their Truths.

Why is the Light Energy or the Grace of Wisdom called Transcending the Future? A topic for the next post!



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