The pomegranate in my balcony 2

In my balcony there sits a pomegranate tree, if you can call it that…a small one, in a pot. I watch it slowly flower and fruit….

There is something so beautiful about watching the tiny fruit ripen slowly and grow to its full size, against so many odds. The birds try to get it, the wind blows hard and the pests try their luck, but the little ones hang heavy on flimsy branches and some of them somehow continue to grow.

Fruits procured and eaten on a daily basis… bought in stores, paid for at the cash counter, and consumed…rather mindlessly many a time…as if they grew on the supermarket shelves…

It really makes me think… that every fruit, every vegetable and every grain of food I eat has to go through this long and laborious process before it journeys to my plate…and I’m left with a deep sense of gratitude….