The Pursuit of Happiness.

There was once a boy who was inculcated religious values since childhood. He used to pray to god every day. As is our culture we always ask something in return for our prayers offered, this boy was no different.

First it started with Exams, “God, please make me a topper this year”, God blessed him with all A grades, though not with any rank.

Then came College selections, “God, Please grant me admission in Ivy league”, God got him into a college of fair reputation in his city.

Then came the job “God, I want to work in a company like Google”, God blessed him with a job in a Large cap Indian company.

Then came marriage “God I want to marry a girl who looks like Aishwarya rai”, god saw to it that he got married to a decent looking girl who respected his parents and also loved him deeply.

Then came Children “God, I wish to have kids like Einstein”, Two beautiful kids were born who grew up to be sanskari as well as good in studies.

He yearned for a bungalow and god granted him a luxurious flat.

He dreamt of a Mercedes and god ensured that he drove a decent car like Maruti.

All his life this boy, kept on yearning for more and more. Eventually being a mere mortal, old age catches up and he finally dies.

On reaching heaven, god is waiting to welcome him with open arms; but this boy was so much dissatisfied, he just unleashed his anger on god. He said whatever I had wished for my whole life you never fulfilled it. I wanted a Mercedes and you gave me Maruti, I wanted Aishwarya and you gave me Susheela, he kept on rattling his complaints. After he cooled down, god asked him a simple question “All your life it was always about you, I want this, I want that and so on…Did you ever ask “God, what do YOU want?”

The boy had a perplexed look, he said “what can god want, you have everything!”

God said “Still, Did you ever ask me once, what I wanted?”

The boy said “I am sorry for that, I am asking you now, what you ever wanted?

And god replied holding his hands “In whatever condition I kept you, I wanted you to be always happy”. All your life I had given you so much more than you deserved, yet you were never happy. I regret giving all these things, because in spite of giving you all these, it has not solved my purpose. You were never ever truly happy.”

“I am really sorry god”, with these words, the boy falls at god’s feet.

So friends, moral of the story is “to be happy in any situation”. God knows what’s best and always gives us much more than we deserve. Do not ever make him feel regret.