At 1.5 Degree Celsius above Pre- Industrial Level, 14 percent of Earth’s Total Population will experience severe heatwaves. These heatwaves will occur mostly in Africa, Middle-East Asia and South Asia. The most concerning and feared outcome of our Earth’s global temperature exceeding 2 Degree Celsius above Pre-Industrial Levels is also approaching must faster than earlier anticipated. Scientists are saying that if we don’t reduce our carbon emissions, then we will reach 2 Degree Celsius in the early years of 2050s. Earth at 2 Degree Celsius will be horrific. India will be too hot in summers and people of our nation will die due to heat stroke if they go under direct heat from the Sun, when they will be outside their homes or offices. When the Earth will have global temperature of 2 Degree Celsius above Pre-Industrial Level, then all the major ice-sheets of the world will start melting which will be irreversible and permanent. That whole melted ice will eventually result in 200 feets of sea level rise which will drown all the major cities that are based on the coastline of the whole world.

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