The melting of glaciers will also result in the formation of glacial lakes. As large number of glacial lakes will be formed due to rapid melting of glaciers in the future because of rising temperatures. These glacial lakes will also cause outburst floods like the one that happened in 2013 in Kedarnath due to overflowing of Kanti Sarovar which resulted in the devastation of the town of Kedarnath and huge loss of life and infrastructure.

Landslides will also increase due to these glacial lakes in the future. Infact, landslides are already on the rise right now. There have been many incidents of landslides in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. The main reason of it is excessive rains due to disturbed monsoon patterns, unprecedented deforestation of the forests of these states so as to make space for cities, excessive infrastructure building on mountains and exploitation of the natural resources of these states. In Himachal Pradesh alone, the instances of landslides have increased 116 percent, if compared to the last year.

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