Hello everyone, it’s been realllllyyyy long that I shared my story with you all, but that doesn’t mean I don’t visit the portal. It’s my go to place, whenever I have free time in hands; I surf through the platform and read out amazing posts. I am receiving a lot of mails and the members here would like to know how I am doing now? First I would like to apologize for not sharing my further story but I would blame it on the limited time I had due to back to back exercise session and my inability to type. 

 With the immense grace of god and love I receive from each one you, I am recovering fast. Not just I could sit on my own, I can walk with the help of walker. Though there is very limited strength in my left leg due to which I had to put extra efforts to move it, but both my hands are in better position, just the fingers of my left hand are being stubborn and not supporting. I will see for how long they will bother me, I am more stubborn!

So basically there I had gone through various challenges and ups and down, since my last post. I would love to share some instances that made my faith stronger and my current situation. After I went to spine center, doctors advised hand surgery to increase the flow of my process, Its been more than one month and my right hand was fractured. The X-ray showed huge gap between the bones and the expert panel suggested a surgery. I was taking blood thinners to avoid clotting so the surgery was planned very meticulously. I was taken to the OT, and they cut my skin to put a plate in my hand but to their great surprise, my bone was absolutely fine. There was no gap. Everyone was shocked. I was saved and what could be a bigger surgery was managed with few stitches. It was nothing but grace that saved me from the plate.

Right now, I have been working on my growth and keep looking to the day I will walk on my own. I feel scared now. I feel scared to walk, because I had slipped twice. I over-think about my future, which really takes down my morale and I also feel that I am losing my patience. I question everything! Even if the speed of my car goes above 40, I feel anxious. I get really frustrated and avoid public. I just avoid normal people, because I feel awkward, people stare me all the time. I don’t even like to visit even my relatives, and I don’t know the reason! But there is one thing I know, that this too shall pass. It might pass like a kidney stone, but it will pass! My growth is in progress and I am working hard, both mentally and physically. I might have loose some patience, but not my faith. I know this is testing times and with the abundance of love, I will overcome it. Your each comment and support really motivates me, so thank you to each one of you for being there!

Pic: In the pic, I am standing in between, you can see me standing.