Sipping apple cinnamon tea in cozy habitat of mine, I am looking forward to Medha Shri’s workshop to be held on 27th and 28th November and 3rd and 4th December. After quite a long time, I am looking forward to an exciting event even though the workshop will be held online.
I promised myself that I will write throughout November. Thanks to NaNoRiMo, I signed up myself for a writing marathon. But just signed up. Did nothing else for the same. I made mental notes on a daily basis, cooked up stories every night, waited for my laptop to get repaired for a week and when it did, I waited for myself to get into my routine. Days passed, weeks passed and now it is already 23rd November. No novel in sight but a thousand stories in my mind waiting to be typed, waiting to be written, waiting to be shared with others.
I think a lot. Writers think a lot too. But writers not just only think, they write too or else they might be called something else like thinkers. I think I want to be writer (I just think) but as of now I am a thinker. A mainstream thinker unlike Seneca. I think. I keep thinking. And if I do not set myself to a discipline, I am afraid I might keep on thinking and then ideas will escape. And when they would, all I will be left with is regret. So to avoid this situation, I have decided that I will post an article every single day from now on until my procrastination hovers over my head and engulfs me in asphyxiation wherein instead of oxygen I might need catharsis through my words of misery, anger, happiness, and all sorts of emotions that I am dealing with these days.
How many of you are going through the same? Is it a writing block that I have hit? Is it a sign that I shouldn’t continue writing? Or shall I provide undivided attention to this catharsis and take a leap towards something extraordinary? Let me know in comments.