Whatever Negative behavior you accept will only worsen over time- Om Swami



Whenever you face a negative behavior, it is your choice if you want to react to it or respond and whatever choice you make is what makes your character. It depends on person to person how they respond to a situation.

There are two parameters on which the response depends

1.      Your own behavior

2.      Your reaction to others’ behavior.


Your own behavior depends on

1.      Your upbringing

We have known that the first institute to an individual is their family, the ethics and culture that prevails in the family. The way parents react to a particular situation is the first step if learning to the kids in the family. That is the difference we see in the kids of a combined family or a nucleus family.

2.      Your atmosphere:

This is in continuation to the above point as the first institute being the home second is the society in which live. The community that has given us the maximum. Society is where the kids go out to play, learn, and spend significant time. They make friends, see other families, and get to know a different culture. Thus the society in which we live makes much difference to an individual.

3.      Your education:

Education plays the most critical role in an individual’s life growth. The teachers and the colleagues are the ones who inculcate good, bad, or ugly habits in an individual.

Your reaction to others behavior

1.      Your upbringing:

Practice what you preach, the family, the society, and the education teach us to react in a certain way, and the law governing the community also plays an important role. Things can’t be easy for anyone of us. There is a separate set of rules for different situations and acts.

2.      Your temperament:

We are born with it, and some inculcate it with time. We react to a particular situation that we are auto-tuned.

But what we are taking today is that the way we react or respond to a situation is different in different cases. If one person allows others to mistreat them, and they don’t respond to that action, it is pretty often that we will face the same situation in the coming times. In the same way, if we react to a particular case, it is like feeding that act of ours, and the more we provide that emotion, the more that feeling will grow stronger. If you feed anger, it is bound to increase with time; if you feed love and care, we will attract more love and care.

Thus, we need to draw a line when we consider other persons’ actions against us, and we say that is enough. And when it comes to our reactions or responses, the more we act in a situation, it becomes our second nature, and we need to consider that.