Everyone in the spiritual journey would experience how the mind keeps dragging us back to the beauty and enjoyments of the world. A poem on this.

To And  Fro

I set out from my house,
several times a day
the colors of the world calling,
the music of the world amusing

I see people, passions
Rainbow of emotions
Butterflies of virtues
Black spots of  vices

I hear lullabies of kindness,
Carols of caress
Songs of joy
Screams of hatred

I sympathize, I empathize
I justify, I testify
I brood, I lament
I judge, I comment

Collect a lot of baggage
Consciously or not

But  suddenly,
I am drawn back home
I come back home.
I come back to my “White house”
I come back to my “Quiet house”
I come back to my SOUL,
Where there is NOTHING,
I simply “EXIST”

And I wish I had never left  home.
But again,
Shortly.. suddenly,
I set out from  my house……………

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