to have something
is also not having it
and to not have something…someone
is also having it
for transience like the breeze
blows from one moment to another
what is lost
is merely perception of reality
what is truly gained
perhaps nothing at all
if in the heart of gain
there’s not the name of the Lord

just as a nameless silence
burrows in the spirit
the five senses live deep in the mind
the need to have grows from there
from a seed into a giant tree
fruits of such tall desire
are sweet joy and ripe pain
in varying degrees
oh we know this truth
each one of us
yet like a moth to fire
we rush to the pyre of hankerings

to what end are we
chasing what we seek
is it not in standing still
we feel complete
not just anywhere
but the holy presence of the grand Lord
all roads surely lead to Him
some take years
some centuries
some have yet not been found
well whichever road we are on
let’s strive to rid ourselves
of what we have and have not…