I have stood before You, so many times with tears in my eyes. Seeking Your one glance, asking You to spare that one benevolent smile.

Heart broken my being was each time, heart broken was this life when You ignored it yet another time….

Yet each time unseen was the blessing and unknown was the gift sent to my life. Something within changed and something within became even more determined. Whether You accept me or reject me My Lord, only to Your Feet I belonged.

Our bond is not of this life and I do not stand before You unexpectedly or as some coincidence My Lord.  I am here before You, as You have called.

Whether You look at me or not whether You spare that smile or not, I am a bundle of tears as You have allowed my life to stand before You -Who are the Supreme Lord in a human form.My heart knows this, maybe that is why even though it cries for Your attention, it is experiencing a bliss in just being in Your Presence.

In Your Form, many years of that stern Father my heart has seen. He Who does not easily approve of His child, He who does not outwardly express any praise. He who is silent yet firmly building the qualities my being needs.

With the passing of time where You taught me to wait unending for You, without a complaint, You showed Your another side.

As the Divine Mother forever overflowing with Love. You poured out That motherly love which praises the child for the slightest goodness. You gifted the choicest blessings for just the tiny acts of selflessness. You smiled and You spoke with an affection that filled my being to the brim. 

Today Your child feels complete. For You are it’s everything. You have held it with such love and such patience for so long that now You are not there somewhere and I am not waiting in that line for Your glimpse. You are within me and there is nothing but You in everything.


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