Blog-Train the mind to respond   not to react 

 We are deeply programmed our belief system . Believing that  our responses are dependent on other people and situation. We live like victim. Our thought and feelings are our personal responsibility. But we react out habitual ways of thinking and believing, created over years or lifetimes. 

A little practice helps us pause,  see our options, evaluate them and choose a response . 

If a person  behaves out of his sanskar   Our role is to understand them , they have the reason for being the way they are ,why we get upset .therefore it is important to train our  mind that any person or your friend or your spouse disrespect you or insult you or not giving the values why we get upset   It is his free will and he has formatted his mind like this . We should not react by understanding him .

Please note that every person  respond always based on the data  contained in Subconscious  mind . Therefore request you please store  only good data which gives the soothing effect to others , that data  is peace , love ❤️, tranquility, harmony , compassion , humility .

Om Shanti , Astro Ashok 

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