Being a lawyers daughter my lil girl even at 4 years was sceptical about taking a frooty juice from her fathers office boy who once in emergency( when i had not been able to reach bus stop at time due to my parents hospitalisation)went to fetch her from bus stop! It was our norm that in sizzling summer afternoon, i always carried appy juice for my daughter when she got down from bus finishing her school water bottle, so i directed my staff to do same when he went to pick my daughter from the bus stop but she said no Vinod bhaiya i m not thirsty, later telling me,it might have had some chemical with which i would have got kidnapped! I was sad that the little one had no innocence and child like faith even so young watching crime petrol and Acp pradyuman regularly! Even when we went to malls for shopping she was a smart kid to check the trial room by touching side changing mirrors with her index finger to see some red light flash ,if there was a hidden camera inside! As instructed, she never visited the school washroom without a freind just to be cautious of some male sanitary worker hiding in washroom! All this made my little child too mature for her age but once when in class 4 at 8 years ,all kids parents took their ward along from school directly but we dint do so as my daughter was part of some inter school drama competition and had to stayback for practice ,on the way back in School bus she was the only one with Bus driver! Her little heart knew something was not natural and her presence of mind and our training helped her overcome safe and secure back home! Back then mobile phone calls costed a lot ,so on pretex of informing me ,she was alone in bus, she said to driver uncle to give me a missed call because bus would reach stop 15 minutes early with no kids to drop on the way! I immideately called back drivers number thinking something fishy as school bus number flashed on my mobile! My wise daughter kept talking 30 minutes and a distance of 10km to me describing fly over, types of cars on the way ,which bus stop names she was seeing and in between telling me different stories of class kids to not let the driver even have any idea to molest her or abuse her! She reached stop safe and i hugged her for her presence of mind and patted my back ,though my kid never beleived in fairies, Santa clause or magic but was wise to protect herself! Did u or your parents teach you good and bad touch?

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