As we know its been in the scripture that Transition time b/w night to day  i.e.  the time you can’t define it as a day or night is of great importance to realize many things in our life. Just like this there was a time when I took the exams and results were yet to come, in those moments it was neither a success nor a failure. I wrote this poem in those couple of moments and realized that Transition periods just like b/w day & night and night & day, we can easily grasp life with a calm mind and discover and reinvent ourselves.

“When it seems what has defined you for so long, no longer defines you;
When the moments you are living in, seems awkward and unfamiliar to you;
When your inner voice does not clearly talk, it just whispers;
When your brain hangs and you are not willing to reboot it;
When you can tell only one difference b/w sleep and waking up is ‘open eyes’;
When each day passes by and you feel frozen;
When you see life has flipped a coin, you do not understand you win or lose;
When you do not want a way out, want a way through;
With time eventually you see a way through and
Find yourself cleaning that mirror to see yourself again.”