Blog Learn to treat the body as a dress

Dress is not you . Know that your body is extremely fragile , however, it may be stronger .Even a mosquito can kill You . You have the body , the body does not have you . ‘I have car ‘is different from ‘ the car has me ‘
Likewise to say you have money is one thing and to say
That money has you is decided differently . One has to respect the body and take care of it. See the beauty of body . The flower is fragile , but still beautiful . In the same way our body is fragile and impermanent but still is beautiful.Our body is made of 5 elements and there are five senses and five karmic  organs which drives our body.In case of  any depletion of one of five elements would result of malfunctioning  of system of body .
The notion that only the permanent is beautiful is a myth .

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