Treating yourself the best way doesn’t mean that you need to feel guilty about giving yourself time, it just means that u as a living organism have all the right in the world to have your due self-time and respect for yourself.

Treat yourself as exactly as how it sounds…a day or maybe a week of pampering, indulging, and celebrating your being on this planet….it’s always important to understand that once you start valuing your thoughts, People around you would do the same with you.

Make a plan for yourself in your mind or on a piece of paper, make sure to make the plan according to weeks, months, and a year ahead of you. Do as the plan on yourself…make sure to follow each step ahead of you.

Surround yourself with people who can bring out the best in you…who make you realize that you are more important for them and they can love you easily…you are not a difficult person to be handled or to be cared for…

Carry yourself with such positive vibes that people around you will get inspired from you…and looks ahead for your Treat Yo Self plan for themselves too….Make them believe, that giving time to oneself is not a robbery that you are doing…it’s a lifetime investment….IT’S NEW YOU IN THE MAKING PROCESS…

Redecorate a special space, like I myself have it done…I have painted one of my room walls with a butterfly signifying to strengthen the wings I have for myself which were always quietly preserved within me….but they are actually asking me to come out and make me fly and reach the sky….I am sure as I have realized my wings ….all of you will one day realize your power to fly.

Take yourself on a solo date …Well I have never been to one….though the idea of going on a date alone sounds amazing to me as I will be the best person for myself to be going on a perfect date with me. Because I know myself in a much better way than any date for that matter. Try it out all of you and also share with me your due experiences with this exciting option.

Spend some time on your skin….Well as someone truly said our body is our temple to be treated in the best way we can….try spending some time on your skin…give yourself the glow that you always deserve…that glow which no one has the right to take away from you.

Start writing/ reading/photography/video-making/podcasts….anything which you think is your passion …run after that…Believe me, it will show you the sky one day….put your determination towards any of your passion and you will see wonderful changes in your brain.

Make a vision board wherein you can put your wishes for the upcoming time of the year…or some powerful quotes posters like “No one is you and that is your superpower”. Bring all the positive words on that board for yourself. Make sure to see it first thing when u wake up in the morning.

Take yourself for a walk, go for a walk alone. To have “ME” time and talk to yourself, make sure to go on a walk or just sit and relax with a cup of tea with yourself. Make sure to make a habit of your day to give yourself time and to relax and enjoy every moment of it.

As someone beautifully quoted-“ Life becomes beautiful when you learn to be as good to yourself as you are to others”. Treat yourself in the best of ways you can, it’s everyone’s human right and no one can take away this from you.

Treating yourself doesn’t mean that you have to be offensive, and if someone is bothered by you being you then it’s time to let go of that negativity, Because those who love you will never let u impost yourself in someone you are not.

“Remember always that you not have the right to be an individual. You have an obligation to be one.” Live by yourself passionately.

And in the end, one catchy line for all of you…..

BE YOU…you will eventually fall in love with yourself more..and that’s perfect.


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