I would like to say that life is beautiful keep believing..I have been through all struggle so that I can come towards my liberation. I live for my liberation

Say thankyou for this human body .

Say thankyou to mother Earth .

Love your deity with whole heart 

Love yourself .

I love this life as God loves me 

Maa Lakshmi Mata Parvati Mata Kali maa radhe Mata seeta all are divine feminine invoke them ..☺️☺️ she your self review your bhakti then 

Mahadev Vishnu Ram krishna all they are masculine invoke them then feel the presence.

When both unites shiv and Shakti masculine and feminine.wondere happen .

Unite with your source 

I want to share my experience. I came to know my divine masculine as everyone has there if male you will have feminine and if female u will have masculine. 

I met with mine and it’s not at all about sansarik thing it is all about soul development..he will unite when both the masculine and feminine within you unite 

Lower chakras are masculine

Upper chakras are feminine 


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