Planting of Tulsi in every household in India can be traced back to thousands of years and mythologically portraited Tulsi is said to be Vrindha a demon by birth and a staunch devotee of Lord Vishnu, and a devoted wife to Jalandhar a demon born due to the anger and fire of the third eye of Lord Shiva. Being left alone, considered Demon and ignorant to the fact that he is a part of Lord Shiva he hated Gods and their existence. Jalandhar married Vrindha and knowing her devotion towards Lord Vishnu increased his fury towards Gods. But the chastity(Pati Dharam) of Vrindha towards Jalandhar and her devotion towards Lord Vishnu gave him a shield which could not be broken even by Lord Shiva himself. After being defeated from the hands of Jalandhar gods came to Lord Vishnu to break the chastity of Vrindha so that Jalandhar can be defeated which on request was accepted by Lord Vishnu. So while Jalandhar was in war with Lord Shiva Vishnu disguised himself as Jalandhar and broke the chastity of Vrindha. After realizing that she has been tricked by her own Lord, she cursed him to turn into Stone which he accepted and became Saligram. In return, Vrindha was blessed by Lord Vishnu that she will be known as Tulsi and will be worshipped in Every House and no ritual of Vishnu Pooja will be completed without the leaves of Tulsi.

A true story or a mythological poem by our highly intellectual ancestors who played very smartly with the faith of people and provided every household a plant which had high medicinal Value, which gives oxygen for 20 hours and Ozone for 4 hours a day, absorbs harmful gases like Carbon Monoxide, carbon dioxide & Sulphur dioxide from the environment. The plant can be used as the first aid in every household from the basic role of mosquito repellant, it can be used in insect bites, skin disorders, respiratory problems, gynecological disorders, cardiac diseases. It can be used to cure malaria and is an effective pain killer. Having a high level of antioxidants it is a great stress buster, relieves against anxiety, tension& stress, It increases stamina, boosts immune system and regulates blood sugar. Daily consumption of Tulsi leaves given with purified water called Panchamrita was the way in which our ancestors gave us a key to remaining fit by simply using a leaf of the plant.

The reason why Tulsi is such a high-value plant is the reason that it contains Vitamin A, Beta- Carotene, Potassium, iron, copper, manganese and magnesium. There are 18 different types of Tulsi available in the market and the two most commonly used are RAMA and SHYAMA Tulsi which has its own medicinal values.

Thus, concluding the same it can be rightly said that our ancestors though not much educated were in perfect harmony with nature and had learned a lot by it. They used to study the properties of the plant commonly available and just gave a story around to goad people to keep attached to the same.


Thus, the question still remains,” Mai Tulsi There Angan Ki Or Mai Sehat Tere Ghar Ki”.

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