After 2.5 years of confinement in our house due to protecting 2 small kids aswell 3 senior citizens and both work places and educational institutions bring closed due to COVID 19, from last 15 days since summer vacation are over I have slowly re scheduled my fitness routine of Morning walk Really seeing so much greenery,trees ,a lake ,old monument inside the park and melodious voice of the cuckoo with shreiks od pea hen and the site of parrots ,pegions ,ducks and doves makes me so happy as if a 4 year old who has not yet started going even to a play school! That care free dream life when u live for the moment without any pressure, judgement, commitment or worry. As a Habbit or you may call black Lotus and Swamiji s reinforcement of love laugh give and let go ,so any one i meet( being in India and our social conditioning females) i alway give them a broad smile ,i might be having eye contact atleast with 50 individuals each morning and just being Swami Ji’s keeps me always high and in celebration mood! I noticed out of 50 maybe just 7 smile back , 5 ask me back how do I know them , 3 give me a puzzled and amazed look of my loosing my mind and other 35 just ignore my smile.Is life so sad and complex??? Did u get and give your smile Dose today?