Dropping gains, and letting go of losses
The essence pours in from mysterious sources

It is no secret that everyone seeks to gain something from the world while avoiding a loss. It becomes an endless game. Time available to us is finite. Using the mind’s energies productively, we can begin to understand life’s essence. It has little to do with individual loss or gain.

Perspective is everything.

If we look back to the moment we were born — through imagination, not actual recall — we would see gains and losses cancel out each other in the long run. What we gain as life in the body we will eventually lose to time. In between, it is just a play.

We may call life a play, but we take life very seriously. Any rise in our stature in the form of money or possession becomes a reason to celebrate. While any fall becomes a cause for misery. We are caught between the two. Unable to resolve losses and gains in our minds, the bigger picture of life fails to make its impression.

Life is in perfect balance—This is the essence.

It is impossible to maintain this balance while chasing positive experiences and avoiding negative ones. To stay in tune with the stream of life, our awareness cannot be partial. Ordinarily, we are torn between the inner subjective space and the outer objective world.

When awareness carries no preference — whether inside or outside, loss or gain, past or future, good or bad — it opens the doors for balance to pour in and transform our being.