Instead of just writing Wisdom Tidbits, I thought let’s convert it into a game. So, are you up for it? Let’s do the writing challenge!


Here are the rules of this game:

  1. Each week on Friday evening (PST)
    • I will post a random topic. It might be profound or something silly!
    • I will write a short post on that topic.
    • On that topic, you can write a poem, fiction, experience, thoughts, or whatever you desire.
  2. If your write-up is less than 150 words,
    • you can write it as a comment for my post.
  3. If your write-up is more than 150 words,
    • write a separate post 
    • add the tagline as #WritingChallenge: <Topic>
    • if you wish, leave a comment on my post with your post’s details


Trust me, this is going to be fun! I’ve seen it in a different forum before. Don’t miss out, join the fun now.

Let’s all be silly together!


This week’s topic is



Since I’ve written an entire post already, I’ll keep it simple this time. I’ll kickstart this game with my haiku on summer:

Clear skies and warm days
Tempting me to seize it all
Lord, more time is sought


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