I read Sri Devi jis thread on Q&A section on os.me, followed by her post.
This made me contemplate on when was the last time, or for that matter first time, when i attended any satsang.

I do not remember attending any spiritual satsang till date. Though there were few kirtans that my mom or neighbouring aunties used to organise but they were more like kitty parties. Everyone used to look forward to the food and gossips, just as Divya Vanshika ji mentioned in her post.

Other than that, i remember my cook once told me she goes for a satsang and insisted i too join her once. On her daily insistence one day i said alright let’s go.

There the scene was no different. Few well dressed ladies were busy in organising cold drinks and samosas and other people were talking till finally i got the announcement that the satsang will begin in few minutes.

I thought someone will come and give a discourse, just as swami ji does.

Then suddenly there was a calming voice coming in high volume as if the speaker has already started speaking and i couldn’t see anyone.

Then to my utter surprise i realized that a tape recorder was playing some old discourse of one the famous gurus and everyone was so immersed.

The worst thing that happened was some senior volunteer of that group came forward and fast forwarded the tape so that the last bhajan can be played. People also agreed and bhajan played, people ate to their fullest and eveyone left.

I told my cook, it was a wonderful satsang but i am not coming here again.

After reading so many posts on os.me about their satsang experience, i seriously thought what kind of satsang i ever attended which made me feel happy or peaceful.

One childhood memory flashed and i can say that it was the satsang i actually loved.

In my native village people organise night jagran where villagers take turn to sing krishna mahamantra continuously whole night and sometimes even for three nights at a stretch.

I was a small girl of 8 years and on one occasion i insisted i too will sing. Fortunately the person who was supposed to sing for the next turn was getting late and one of my uncles gave me the chance.

And trust me people, till date i remember every single detail of that night. I guess my love for Krishna was already there and that night reaffirmed my faith in my lord.

I was playing manjira and sang the mahamantra along with my brother for an hour in all possible Bollywood tunes i could remember.

This was one experience i thought of sharing here.

Even today whenever i get time i sing hare krishna mahamantra in the tune of hothon se chu lo tum and i feel peace.

Somehow i can’t relate with the so called satsangs that are organized by many people and groups.

Through os.me i have connected with many wonderful people and that’s the only satsang i enjoy.

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