Walk the Dragon our 1st sessions with Swami Ji

Pranam at Swami ji’s feet.

I am hoping to share my experience with the ones who could not attend it for all reasons personal or circumstantial.

My background: I work for the healthcare. Have been on this algorithm for the past 20 years. We (the organisation and myself) do have a love-hate relationship. But I am invested in it too far, can’t turn back. On average I get 5-6 hours of sleep. The commute on top is a killer (360 miles per week).
AND to say the least, by now you must have put a “valued judgement” that mine would be a high pressured work environment. Yes, you are right!

Now the why question, why did I want to attend this course?
I knew fully well that I would crash land at each live session without 100% attempt on the syllabus! But, I still wanted to attend it for two reasons:
a)     My eyes and heart were “SO’’ barren to see my Swami this year (2020) that, I couldn’t wait any longer. Hence I thought I would attend the course and see our Swami week after week for 6 weeks.
b)    Would re-learn high quality leadership skills from the Mahan atman himself!
Therefore, I asked the os.me team and they cut me a sweet deal to pay for the course slightly to my convenience. Thank you os.me team!

Finally the million dollar “So what” question?
The first impressions of “walk the Dragon 1st live session with Swami ji” were; it was uncomplicated, cosy, effortless and most of all reaffirming! It was reaffirming that the core values of leadership have classically remained non-negotiable, i.e. To be a great leader one must have a “clear vision”.
He is simply put the entire world’s most inspirational, crackerjack PARENT and TEACHER.
•       Swami ji explained the most complex Professorial core and fundamental principle of “ONE’S VISION”. That is to keep one’s vision crisp, simple and decluttered!
•       He offered the distinction between having a vision and not confusing it with strategy or one’s journey. The journey will have to be figured out bit by bit.
•       Always have a “creative value” attached to your vision. Something that is of use to others will be easy to sell! We are all intimate with his insurmountable experiential knowledge coupled with his art of narrating real life events. He did narrate some interactions, really interesting!
•       He honed on the importance of focusing one’s “undivided attention” on one thing. Accomplish that one thing and only then consider you next move/ project.
•       He talked about applying a “certain sense of urgency” to your vision- give yourself mini-deadlines to make a start. Or you’ll never start or you’ll be too late.
•       Equally be patient to follow you vision through! Nurture it, give it time.
•       One’s focus should be on the vision and not on “mercy invitations”. At times one should hold no prisoners at all (painful, but the vision and organisation is much bigger than a specific person).
Personally, I got the supplement MUM-BOOST by seeing Swami ji’s “Devi like” face and listening to him for an hour and a half. At that point the Q& A was still going on and I had my everyday urgencies to tend to.
My take on it: If you are looking for TED style inspirational speakers, it’s not for you. He doesn’t believe in fancy works, he is an achiever of real milestones and true grit! Meditation for clarity of thought is a must.
In nutshell, Swami approves off simplicity, creative value, starting small, nurturing and most of all holding “dear” your cliental. Not surprised at all that such a high achiever himself offered a totally uncomplicated, conventional and such plain lesson on 1st step of making leaders. Hope this helps, may be ask, pay for the recordings!
Please feel free to make corrections, in case I have miscommunicated any points.
I look forward to the next weekend. Pranam at Swami ji’s feet.