Black surrounds me as surely as darkness does.
Color, what color? There is no black, just dark.
Dark, what dark? There is no dark, just walls.
With every instant, they clench tighter, and
I have built this cage, and now I stay in it.
What was the limit? What is the limit?
The edge of these walls remain unseen.
Yet I have bound myself in chains so
Tight that I can’t move, can’t even breathe.
What can I do? What should I do? All
Was decided before it happened, and so
These great walls grew stronger.
Maybe if I had said that I could do more,
I would not have been in the clutches
Of these walls, shrinking by the moment.
But it is not about more or less.
Walls will stay walls, no matter how far.
Walls, what walls? I see no walls.
For they are gone as I unbind the chains
I locked myself in from birth.
With a lock made by Expectation.


Note: This is my 100th post in It’s been a great journey and I feel I’ve truly improved as an author on this forum. My kind readers have also helped me become a YouTube content creator. Thank you very much! I couldn’t have done it without your amazing comments and support.