Life is hunky dory until it’s not. I don’t think I had any interest in the spiritual path if not for the challenges and obstacles. 

It’s then that we just need to hang in there. Hanging onto a few words of the divine, to a glance at the image of our deity that may infuse hope in the heart, to few words in books/blogs that may speak to us – yes this is me, this is what I’m going through and just hanging onto it for hope. 

Belief that the present is what it is, that we might not understand why something is happening but looking back a few years later, we might be able to connect the dots. Belief in oneself that we are worthy, we are doing the right thing. 

I remember the words from Swami Vivekananda’ biography, “The history of this world is the history of few people who believed in themselves.”

The best time to build and strengthen belief is when we don’t need it. When things are going just fine, life is good. If we wait for situations to get bad and then work on strengthening our faith, it might be too late. 

If relationships are good and strong, the best time to strengthen it is now. If they aren’t how we would like them, the best time to better them is also now. 

Faith, relationships, health, career whatever it is, we can always work on it. 

Except for laws of physics, everything in life is negotiable. The question is, what are we settling for?