So no one told you that life was gonna be this way…… But God send little special power to you, to make it a beautiful and a easy way. Sometimes all you have to do is TRUST THE POWER OF UNIVERSE, trust the power of God. He have the most precious and beautiful gift for you.

Don’t just judge a chapter of your life from the whole story ‘”trust me'” Honey,! The story is beautiful but, to be beautiful it had to have a few sad chapters. The worst failure holds the best for you .

If you mess up! It’s good for you cause you are the  “Mr perfect” Cause that’s boring. u know.? Do things a few more times wrong it will only give you something, won’t take anything.

And I know sometimes life gets all messed up ,highs are too high and lows are too low…. When u give so much but it’s not enough but don’t you let it kill you. Remember the most important person GOD !!,who created all the stars , universe, humans etc loves you . He’ll help you figure out. Don’t you let it kill you 

This is my first writing , for u to understand that not you are hurting, hope you heal✨☺