Two souls coming together for life-long interactions. Living along with other souls who were the seeds for the two souls. In either case, two souls getting to know other souls. Arriving in life rather suddenly, not completely by choice, although with prior knowledge. Unless of course, decision was made after good soul searching by the two.

Marriage wows require commitment. Does the commitment extend to those who are related to either of them – blood relatives or otherwise? There are bound to be differences.

Absolute fit are rare exceptions. Getting to know each other will reveal if Seas will be predominantly rough or smooth for sailing! It is a limited view. Do we honor commitment and willing to sacrifice our own happiness? Struggle between – who makes us happy and whom do we want to make happy? Neither is, in fact, true for happiness to be achieved. Compassion has no boundaries. Even if there are, Mother Nature find ways to nurture one and all.

Extreme situation – my way or highway OR your ways and my patience. Complete control or, graceful response to situations not in our control. Choice impacts more than just two souls.

At the core are the principles. Wish all of us are mindful, compassionate, egoless, and recognized that everyone is a Being. Words describing relationships laced with embedded expectations reinforced by other souls at large. Wish we all had a clean slate with no Samskaras. (Cognitive Biases) Dream on. We can take lead and inspire. Someone has to bell the Cat!

Gurukuls did develop the pure soul qualities in Human Beings. We are coming a full circle. Gurus exist, always did. Are we committed for self-transformation? There are keys to navigate seas – rough or smooth.

Are we living in present? Or current relations are projected in future and decisions are taken!

Bring in theory of Karma and does it guide to make us happier? It comes down to beliefs. And they are carryover of past lives Samskaras, as also those itched by many souls around us in current life.

Is it destiny? A resounding No.

What is acceptable to us? Of course, not mental or physical torture. Do we know about persona of another person whom we are marrying? Yes, how they were in childhood is a curtain raiser to know there Samskaras. Dig deeper and answers will come.

There will be always one difficult person in our lives. Is it really that difficult to manage? They are there to ignite the desire to know the truth…blessings in disguise.

Questions lead to clogging of mind. Stillness separates the dirt. Mind and sensory perceptions are interlocked with interpretations filtered through memory, unconsciously. Mindfulness triggers conscious control.

No Ifs and buts. Faith is total surrender. The journey continues. It’s a transmigration. Spiritual growth continues. Is it not beautiful?

Stay Safe, Stay Protected and Stay Blessed, always.

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