I mean death scares me now ,it’s like one day I’ll lying in the mud and people won’t even remember which part of dust I was . It’s pretty obvious that life is unpredictable but I can’t take it with what if .

what if I never find the purpose I am here for .what if I find it but won’t be able to make it cause  it’s too late .what if I never make it .???

like suppose this could be the last breath I am taking . THE TIME u are reading this I am with god watching u all commenting ….. don’t stress it life is gonna be ohk ,u are just thinking too much .

ya I know it’s funny but think about it the minute I DIE all my dreams ,goals ,anything I have ever wished for is no more .It’s THE end, now what .? people will cry for a day or two maybe my precious one’s will cry I little longer but what am I suppose to do with all that salt water I can’t go and wipe it.

THIS is the only thing we as the humans never understood ,that we are granted every second by the higher powers to accomplish what we here for .That something is there ‘some power’ that is letting us breath .

you see this is such big thing we never have pondered upon and we are always like oh I don’t have this  , I don’t want my life to be this way or every little thing that we are not thankful for. 

Then talking about death and life , we never know anything ,life always have different plans for as that we don’t know HOW but are always better in  some ways . All we can do is HOPE, because hope is the only thing stronger than fear .everybody living here on earth is hoping that they will wake up the next morning and they do. One thing that they don’t do is being thankful to that ‘some power’ for giving time to accomplish that purpose we are here for .

YOU SEE THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING TO BE THANKFUL FOR .Be thankful for the every second you are breathing .As hope is the most courageous weapon to use against every fear .

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