I wonder what i would do if i get the opportunity to meet the almighty the paramatma one day . Am i really prepared , trust me that’s one day dream i wish becomes reality , but would i be able to have a talk or would i just stay there wondering if the whole thing is a dream . so let me just dream of the same .

My grandmother was a truly amazing lady , though i have not much memories of her i do remember the stories she use to tell she is one of the reason i knew about mythology and about Ramayana , Mahabharata , Panchatantra . She always said this  one thing that is ingrained in me ” Always be thankful to god no matter what situation you are in ” being a kid i did not know the profound meaning of those words but i still followed those words she told me ” Never demand things from god he would provide you with things you need ” , again the word that i did not understand but i followed but now i know even then the word she taught her grandchildren were profound simple but profound

So being the guided by my grandmother i sure cannot disappoint her when i meet god correct  ? so i have decided that when i meet the Almighty soul i would just be thankful , grateful for this precious life you gifted me , grateful for all the life lessons i learned , thankful for every bit of happiness whether big or small and be immensely thankful  for the tears as they made me the person i am , i would be thankful for all the times in life that i tumbled and fell and had to get up and walk again because with that you taught me to be independent , i would be thankful for the times when i was in despair felt alone and found you again , i would be thankful for the times when i  was completely  out of control and did not believe god existed  because in those times you showed me how wrong i truly was and with that you cemented my faith in you and my faith in myself , i would than you for being patient with me all through my life and for all those opportunities you provided me with just so i could find myself and through that you , i would thank you and convey my gratitude for the soul you put inside me and i would ask forgiveness for the dumb things i did and for all my ignorance , i would be thankful that the almighty soul that i longed to see has granted me my wish .

My Gratitude and love for you with just be like you my god , Aadhi and anantha , i would love you with all my heart to etarnity . I would believe in you forever and 3 days because for  me even forever loos like a short time to keep loving you .


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