“What’ll I Get?”

We Should Drop This Thought

Do you love anybody? You must do. Can I ask you—Why? Why do you love? Does your love flow out from you spontaneously like sunshine, or is your love a conditioned deal? 

Anything we do—whether we work, love, help others or show our concern for others, we first think— “What’s my gain? What’ll I get?” Don’t we think so? We rarely do anything selflessly, without any gain. This shows our inward poverty. Why can’t we drop this thought? This one thought destroys every relationship. Outwardly we can show that we really love each other. But deep down, our selfishness always works silently. 

And the funny thing is, what we think real gain is, is actually a false sense of ego-satisfaction. We want to satisfy our ego. We don’t listen to anybody with complete attention. We don’t sit with anybody with complete being. We don’t love anyone with total surrender. We live half-heartedly! Where there is no gain, we don’t give ourselves to that. We don’t know the joy of giving ourselves unconditionally. We’ve become ‘smart’ in heads, but ‘fools’ in heart. What’ll you do with such smartness? 

Sister Nivedita didn’t think about what she’d get by serving India. Neither thought Mother Teresa. Take the example of Sindhutai Sapkal. She didn’t bother what life would give her. She dedicated her life to taking care of nearly 1,500 orphan children. And recently she has been conferred with the prestigious Padma Shri award for her outstanding social work of over 45 years. 

There are countless stories like these. They went beyond their boundaries and did something that’s worthy of God’s praise. Why can’t we be like them? Can’t we even show our sincere concern to anybody in need or crisis selflessly? Can’t we listen to others without trying to chatter away our own things? Can’t we love without expecting anything? 


Ah! How wonderful it would be—

If we turned into fragrant flowers! 

Spreading our beauty and fragrance

To every heart and soul. 

Wanting nothing,

Expecting nothing, 

Just for the sheer joy of sharing.

Everything that’s worth sharing—

Love, care, smiles, hope and joy.

Ah! How wonderful it would be—

If we expand into vast oceans!

Stretching our arms wide open

To welcome every loving stream.

Not to inflate with ego,

Not to win over something, 

But to include

To be one

In the joy of dissolution.

Ah! How wonderful it would be—

If we transformed into light! 

Removing every shadow of darkness

From closed hearts.

To fill them with invigorating


Of energy

And bliss.

Ah! How wonderful it would be…!

Thank you.
Image Credit: iStock Photo.