The following story is very popular in Jaisalmer and bikaner. This story shows us the amount of bravery and mercy indian queens and kings had for their enemies because they were followers of dharma…The story shows us that indians were always the protectors of dharma. Not only rajputi woman but every indian Princess and queen was a skilled warrior… but woman were considered to be inferior when the Britishers came to india… 

This is the story of the mughal period when akbar was ruling india… the concept of meena bazaar was introduced by the mughal emperor humayun, the father of akbar where woman sell their handmade stuff like jewellery, crafts, clothes etc…meena bazaar was organized only for women and the only men who was allowed in the celebration was the emperor and the princes. Meena bazaar was organized by the mughal queens and the rajput women were also allowed in the celebration. Meena bazaar celebration is like present day new year party (or kitty party in which boys are also allowed) 😂. Kiran devi rathore is a rajput queen who is the wife of prithviraj rathore, the king of bikaner… since bikaner was also captured by akbar… prithviraj rathore served the mughal empire and he was one of the nine gems in akbar’s court… even though her husband worked for akbar… kiran devi never liked the mughal empire because they looted and killed crores of rajputs. on the occasion in meena bazaar all the rajput and mughal queens and woman came… at that time akbar was not allowed to come inside as everyone was preparing their shops. Akbar still came to the meena bazaar wearing a burkha and started seeing all the womens …with eyes filled with lust he saw kiran devi and started following her… as we all know kiran devi hated the mughals and akbar was the first on her list. Akbar tried to stop kiran devi by ordering his gaurds… she announced that she is the wife of prithviraj rathore and the queen of bikaner and she can crush them and there ego within seconds… akbar ordered his gaurds to go away and he started Praising kiran devi and asked her to spend a night with him…Kiran devi knew that it was Akbar…she was filled with rage as he tried to move towards her… she pulled the carpet below and akbar fell down… she pulled out her dagger as fast as lightning and charged it towards his throat. Akbar begged for mercy… kiran devi roared and said “We Rajputana woman can fight and die or burn our bodies in fire (jauhar) but we will never surrender ourselves to the enemy” Akbar begged for life… he was stunned by her bravery and presence of mind, from that day New year party in meena bazaar was never celebrated. 

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