Since last 20 years as far as I remember there hasn’t been a 100% truthful day in my life! From weather I paid 100 rs to the washer man telling I paid 40 rs ,to putting 1 tspoon mustard oil for cooking vegetable of 6 people to  cooking fries for kids or ordering subway for them or even throwing away over riped tomatoes or burnt breads in dustbin   I have spoken sweet lies as I might convince myself innumerable times. It was not that I  was always like this or it’s a tendency because with people I don’t have fear of loosing a relationship or those who won’t create a ruckus I am usually more than truthful! It’s only immediate family who s acceptability quotient is too less and who make swollen face with harsh words when expenses ,events or procedures we adopt are not according to their manual.  I use to feel very shameful and guilty about these petty lies aswell felt embarrassed that what are my kids learning from their mom. Fear of a disturbed house environment with derogatory remarks and regular threats of parting away even if some thing not right as breaking a flask / burning a shirt/ loosing a key / falling off of a clock/ overheating an iron made me lie more and more. Last night me and my kids felt very empowered and not as cheats but all co existent Robbers when we got to know that the Kids grand father had lied to their father on using an Ola cab but was caught red handed by a staff using a shared Public Auto ( with being a senior citizen aswell being financially more than over comfortable unacceptable for security reasons). When confronted by kids father he confessed he couldn’t spend as much on his cab ( he earns 100 times more than cab cost a day).It was as if a I felt releaved of a Big Sin and guilt! Putting a popular hindi song in comments which I always listened as a kid in chitrahar but understood smilingly today!