Oh Mother
I’m grateful for this life
O Bhagwan
for there is no strife
the river turns murky
turbid in the rain
and my heart too takes a turn
but You have both
strengthened me such
that I look at it
And I look away…
The giggly gurgling
pristine waves are gone
like snakes in water it slithers
the colour of dirt.
And my mind too
slinks to its shore
a muddied force
overflowing the banks.
And yet, Your grace is such
surrounding the filth
I see trees
green and lush as can be
so silent
so still
A peepul leaf
I cradle in my palm
and from there Mother Nature
flows unto me.
Oh this shift in consciousness
is as if the rain clouds
their belly heavy with rain
refuse to carry
the burden of sweet earth
there is no rain
the clouds are gone
and the mind so filled
with malaise
has found a sky breathtakingly blue.
Oh muddy waters
of high monsoon
now I shall enjoy you too
my Mother’s grace is so
there is no grief
a passing shadow of the moon maybe
The beauty of the night
is You
its silence and darkness too.

Image Credit: @Anand Om, SBA – thank you Anand, for your pictures so often match my mood and capture the divine beauty of our ashram! Thank you so much.