After reading Meera ji’s today’s post on LOG KYA KAHENGE, my heart also wants to share something.

She is so right that when no one comes forward to share our responsibilities, then how does their opinion matter to us even  a bit.

When in trouble or facing  tough times, its very natural to look upon  your blood relations, expecting them to come forward with a helping hand.  Especially when you have been one such blood relation who has extended her hand in other’s crisis, then it is painful to be all alone. All alone on the long road of pain and crisis. Some blood relations may not be in a position to help and some choose to behave ignorant or use excuses knowing well that others also know well that these are mere excuses.

Actually for someone who has lived a transparent life inside out, its beyond her perception to even think that others do make lame excuses. We can either help someone or we can’t – isn’t it simple?  Where is the need to say what you don’t mean? What’s the need to use excuses, or may I say lies, I wonder.

Next comes LOG, i. e. those random people who just cross your path with a formal hi, hello, or today weather is hot, today its cold  type of conversation level. At the most they are residing nearby or working with you, or meet you during some social gatherings.  They are certainly not our friends, neither are they foes. 

Personally their opinions have never ever mattered much to me.  With more grey hair now,  one transformation has definitely come and that’s to NOT ignore them straight away. Just listen and  give respect to their opinions but still don’t base our decisions on other’s opinions. 

At the end of day, everyone has to fight her own battle alone. No relatives can help beyond a limit. Not even friends, in general, can help too much. And LOG, ie, society in general, will not be by your side.

So just hold on to the few well wishers you have in life and try to be one to those in trouble. Rest nothing matters.

And yes, if feeling weak, feeling tired, feeling sad and hopeless there is ONE very strong, very very strong support and that is……….  Yes you guessed right….. ALMIGHTY……😊😊😊😊😊……