Mama!!!! Look at my shopping bag”,  she was already  chirping while entering the door, like a little sparrow with wide spread wings😊.

“See, this is a dress and papa was saying it looks like a doll’s frock”, she spread that cute white frock, no… no…. DRESS on the sofa.😄

“And look at this black one, its even smarter”,  and here is this pair of shoes.  I have purchased another pair of sneakers  as well, she continued in her teenage colourful pitch.

Just yesterday she had spent whole day in parlour and got her hair  smoothened with some chemical procedure – keratine – or what🤔, I don’t know. The golden  colouring of hair streaks is also looking beautiful.

Another hour or so passed.  Here she comes,

“see my make up maa, how’s it😊😊…and these coloured lenses in my eyes. I have purchased all this afresh. The old stuff is old, you know.”


My ugly, old, conditioned self is not excited. Just a normal response is all I could give to all her ever young, energetic, joyous sharing of emotions.

“Good.  Its all good.   But dear,   don’t you  feel you are spending too much money “, that’s all  I could say.

Why am I not growing up!!!!!   Often I  wonder🤔.  Is it my old conditioning of living a simple life? Or  is it something else that stops me? Why I am unable to joyously share her emotions? Why am I bothered by her “brand consciousness ” and  ‘Expensive Mall Shopping’ syndrome. 👜👠🕶️🛒🛒   😄😄😄

In stead,  I am tangled inside.   I am counting how many pairs of footwear she already has, how many cloths are lying stuffed in her almirah and how much make up is already lying scattered in her room? Where was the need to buy new one?  Moreover, Diwali and her birthday are just few days away. Means more of shopping. 

Somehow Nature has made us  differently, hence  like mother like daughter doesn’t work here 😄😄😄.  

Friends, our life,  our thoughts,  our ways, our responses and our emotions…..all this is such a complex phenomenon. No  matter what, expectations are always alive  at subtle level even when we try sincerely to drop all of them.  Especially the parental expectations keep bothering,  like  – kids must study well and build their career, kids must be obedient, they must lead a healthy life, learn  life lessons sincerely and so on…. 

I wish there was just one, only one, THE one  single string to catch hold of and pulling it  would open all the connected  knots and tangles.

Anyways…. Someday I will also grow up!!!!!!

Won’t you also share your growth stories with all of us?  🤗🤗🤗🤗

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