Namaste to the Family!

There are many communities and platforms on the internet where one can write, share thoughts, gain more, real knowledge and earn also. But here are the few causes I want to elaborate on: Why is the finest place to learn, grow and earn.

Members’ Inspiring & Engaging Posts

We can read here hundreds of inspiring posts by all the members, and it’s of no cost. Many fantastic people share their life journeys and experiences. 

Swamiji’s timeless wisdom

Om Swami Ji’s wisdom, which he gained from meditating thousands of hours and many other practices, is really timeless. Till now he has written 15 excellent books and published 471+ blogs on and counting more…

Watch him live

On the last Guru Poornima, I missed the chance to watch him live. But from now I will surely be alert of his live sessions. The live sessions are streamed on zoom. Some zoom meetings. Some recordings of previous sessions are also available, you can watch there.

Courses – The retreats

The courses available on are really outstanding. Their Subjects are life-transforming. These retreats are unique and very very directional.

In spirituality there are popular Kundalini meditation, The Art of Meditation, Self-Purification, Learn Vishnu Sahasranama, Devi Bhagavatam – Hindi, Vedic Astrology – Hindi and English. For personality building- Youth Transformation and my favourite Creative Writing to help in writing extraordinary content.

Some sample lessons are also provided in the courses, which will be helpful for you.

Breaking news with Editorials

Never miss a great story!

Medha ma’am brings a lot in the weekly editorials. She mentions the most inspiring and popular stories/posts of the week. Apart from this, she shares a lot of opportunities whether it is to earn money or to be a little famous or else. And what to say about the challenges! Just Great. It is another thing that I haven’t won yet…but they inspire me to write and share more with you.

So, thank you ma’am.

Write, Interact & Earn- The Karma program

You know I felt weird and a bit rubbish whenever I heard the word Karma or Karmafal. I used to ignore reading and talking about it. After some time but I realized that I am afraid of this, and it is the truth. This philosophy will change my way of living, working, eating and the whole day. Let’s leave this talk for now.

In the Karma program, everyone can earn by their writing and interactions. Your views and comments make points, then points are transferred into real money. Through Paypal, you can withdraw your earnings.


Members and non-members can seek guidance on hotline. They say, Our life guides are there to hold your hand through that difficult phase. You are a step away from finding the solution.

Din me Taare

Mene socha bhi nahi tha ki din me taare dekh paunga! Din me taare is a free facility for all to check their Horoscope in Vedic lights, Numerology, Panchang– the Vedic Calendar and Kundli Matching (Shadi wali).

Spreading the love and happiness

What is the motive of all that mentioned above!

To spread love and happiness in all hearts. To provide the knowledge of our ancient sages, which is more subtle and exact than today’s scientific discoveries.

In some easy words- live. love. laugh. give.

Thank you for your time. If I forgot anything else, tell in the discussions.

From tomorrow 9 holy days of Devi Maa are beginning. May Devi Maa bless all of us and may her image always be in our hearts.

Image by Patou Ricard from Pixabay