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WhistleOut surveyed 1000 people of various age groups about their mobile phone screen time. On average, a person spends 76,500 hours of their life staring at the smartphone. That’s about 8.74 years. As per some saints (like Om Swami), that’s the average time required for a relentless seeker to attain Nirvana!

What can smartphones do?

People who use their mobile phones for prolonged hours are likely to develop brain cancer! The culprit? The radio waves emitted by those gadgets. 

Most smartphones ensure that our brain receives about 200 electromagnetic pulses a minute. That isn’t necessarily harmful, but prolonged usage can affect the brain. That’s still under study, but it’s tilting towards confirmation. 

Apart from cancer risk, smartphone overuse can affect our nervous system. It can cause decreased attention, shortness of temper, eye-sight issues, headaches, sleep disorders, and depression. 

If that weren’t enough, it hinders our relaxation and sleep. The blue light from mobile phones restrains melatonin production, the hormone that controls our sleep-wake cycle (circadian rhythm). 

What can we do?

We can’t shoo away these gadgets! They’re here to stay. Digital learning and work-from-home tools helped us survive through COVID-19. We can’t live with these gadgets, and we can’t live without them! 

As the wise say, the key is moderation. We can follow some tips:

  • Sleep foundations recommend leaving a 30-minute free time of mobile devices before sleep. It improves our sleep quality.
  • Many new phones have screen time usage reports. It helps to keep a routine check.
  • Have dedicated online and offline times each day. During offline times, put the phone in emergency mode and leave it in another room!
  • Limit time on other social networks, and spend more time on some writing platforms like OsDotMe. To write a good post, you will have to read more. Perhaps, to gain some insight, you may even pay attention to your life!

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