*Measure Output, Not Input*

Systems are the best way to progress since they reward effort and we control all the variables. However, we need to have a sense of direction in those efforts, to know what we are trying to accomplish. For example :Writing daily with no objective is just practice. If you want to achieve something, you need to commit to a certain output, like publishing a post on your blog weekly. At the end of the day, a system is a way to control how to achieve an output.


I always try to make data-driven decisions. If you don’t, you are choosing to go with your opinion with no facts to back it up. It starts by questioning everything: do I think this way because it’s my opinion/other people say so/it’s how the world works or because I’ve tested it? Growth comes from hard work and a little luck. Hyper-growth comes from testing.

*3 Types of Distractions That I come across*

1.Physical: they range from the clutter on your desk or having too many clothes, making it harder to choose an outfit in the morning.
2.Intangible: notifications from your phone, random web browsing sessions without an end in mind, convoluted apps and systems that take more time to manage than to do the actual work.
3.People: the sibling or parent who keeps interrupting you or that friend that you always give more than you receive.


Our working memory, alertness, and concentration gradually improve a couple of hours after waking up, peaking at about mid-morning – our brain’s natural peak productivity period. I take advantage of this state, by scheduling my most important work for this period. I focus on performing Deep Work, meaning I get to work free of distraction for a long period of time.


These were some of my thoughts .I hope you like it and encourage me to write more in the future.Thankyou