Sorry for keeping everyone waiting on my relationship series. So lets call the juicer boy Kanooo….kanoo can be a good and apt nick name for a Miser in hindi or a Kanjoos makheee choos…i hope all of us know y the name makhi choos….because he sucks a fly fallen in his tea too before spitting it. So as Kannu proposed me to be his Sweet heart ,i smiled and nodded in approval…to celebrate our love affair starting Kannu treated me with smallest and cheapest mausaami juice available at shop! Next weekend Kannu invited me to District park for a picnic date…it was april of Delhi so i objected in our getting roasted in summer sun ,we should rather meet at Delhi durbaar restaurant which has world famous shahi paneer and butter Naan ,to this Kannu smartly said …arre let me taste the delicious food made my your delicate fingers! I always was aware of my Bheem sen gadda dhari hands so i smelt something fishy but you know love…you get blinded! So on Saturday April 1996 i went in my pink baatik shirt with white chooridaar and a red picnic basket with cheese sandwhies and mum made besan ladoos and shikanjvi made by our house help Shanti in thermos used by my Grand father in his home town train travel ,I told my family ,our teachers has organised a nature walk to teach environmental science ,so i m taking this home made food! So we reached the park and Kannu spread some newspapers and plucked a nearby Genda ( marigold) flower as a first date gift to me! Any ways we had some lovely dovey romantic talks as how i visited his dreams and how he use to keep writing my name on back of bill pads when at juice shop …it gives our ego a high on knowing how we have invaded some one s thoughts, heart and sleep too! So as it got a little hot and our shikanjvee ( lemonade) and sandwhiches were over i demanded an ice cream from Kannu…to which he said lets split the amount and lets buy only one Cola bar …sharing ice cream will increase love.. We ll feel more closer….Being only child of my parents and prone to taunsils ,i had usually only eaten chocbaar or cassata ice-cream never bothering about its amount, so this stingy spending behaviour was new to me! So Kannu took out 5 rs from his worn out purse kept in his 1975 jeans may be rejected and used by his grand father and i took 5 rs from my sling bag to pay the ice cream vendor. HE then took out a pocket diary from top of his half sleeve shirt which had brown and black eagles flying on them as a print …and noted..5 rs ice cream, i peeped in to see lot of entries there to ask what is this ? He said since he knows how tough its to earn money ,he notes each expenditure he makes…which was inspirational for me! I had never budgeted because whatever i asked my parents they gave me…though i was very reasonable and wise in asking them! So our house were 7 kms from park and the temperature was 37 degrees ,so i was panting and gasping for breath and wanted regular supply of coke to make me walk or atleast an auto ride to go back home…but tight fisted Kannu replied..lets walk ,we ll see in each other’s eyes ,hold each others hand and keep hearing Bollywood songs on our walk man and soon reach our houses….so ok now love was coming to reality….when hunger ,tireness and tired body take over even romance andd heart beat get fusss….for how we continued Kanjoos love story keep tuned inn!