I’ve spent many years, probably the entirety of my life hiding from who I truly am. Not really knowing, wandering, wading through life with many ups and downs, highs and lows, swings, moods, womanhood, broken relationships, and the list goes on.

Finally coming to a diagnosis last year during the pandemic that I was Bipolar. Thank you to the fantastic doctor, modern medicine and my unwavering faith that helped with the diagnosis.

Today I live knowing I have a gift not a disease.

That gift of knowledge, medication, family, a strong support system as well as faith.

Without divine faith there is nothing and without faith there is no strength. 

And where can I find someone normal? “Nowhere,” said the Cat, “there are no normal ones.” After all, everyone is so different and different. And this, in my opinion, is normal. “Don’t be sad,” said Alice. – Sooner or later, everything will become clear, everything will fall into place and line up in a single beautiful pattern, like lace. It will become clear why everything was needed, because everything will be right. ~Alice in Wonderland