Download Online Free Horoscope Prediction by Date of Birth

A Online free horoscope Prediction by date of birth is one of the most accurate and popular astrology reports provided by free horoscope calculator. You can get your personal horoscope by date of birth from absolutely free.

While an online free horoscope generator may not always feel trustworthy, please remember that its accuracy is dependent upon the accuracy of the details you enter. Once you input your details, our free horoscope generator will generate your horoscope chart instantly.


How Online Astrology by date of birth is generated?

The free horoscope calculator will calculate your horoscope by date of birth using Vedic Astrology methods, which are considered as one of the best methods to predict future.

A free horoscope by date of birth is generated after analyzing your relationship with other planets and stars based on your date and time of birth. This is done according to the position of planets at that particular time in your place.

In astrology, a birth chart is a map of the positions of the stars, planets and astrological aspects at the time of an individual’s birth. This birth chart or horoscope is used to cast a natal chart, which uses the positions of these celestial bodies at the exact moment of an event to determine its astrological meaning.

Natal charts are often used by astrologers when they are casting a horoscope to help them interpret and predict events in someone’s life based on their sun, moon and rising signs. Astrologers also use natal charts to determine compatibility between people who are dating or getting married. You can also generate your free kundli matching chart on 

Multiple Online Astrology Horoscope charts can be generated for free.

An online horoscope generator allows users to create a free and personalized birth chart for any given date. You can also generate your free kundli matching chart on

While a horoscope download on our website is free of cost, please note that every time you generate a PDF of your horoscope, we have to pay the service provider. So, please use this value-added service mindfully.

Except for your email, your data is not stored anywhere on our servers and it’s never used for any other purpose than generating your horoscope. By using this service, you agree to be added to our email subscription list.

A point of note: While a horoscope can be used as guidance, it is important to remember that one’s life choices cannot be bound by it.

The ultimate goal is to understand Astrology so that you may rise above it. Our camp, The Truth of Astrology, may help you with this.



In this astrology course, each aspect of astrology is explained in a simple fun way, making it more relevant to today’s life. The course is available in English and Hindi.

A horoscope download from our website not only ensures credibility but also equips you with the tools to study your own horoscope.

How to choose the best online free astrology horoscope by date of birth?

Everywhere we look, there seems to be no dearth of an online astrology horoscope chart generator. But how do we know we’re choosing the right one?

With so many options available online to generate free horoscope, it’s hard to know which one is best. You might be tempted to pick the first one you see or the one that offers you the most features. But there is no such thing as a perfect astrology chart generator or a perfect online horoscope.

It is noteworthy that in the modern Indian marriage too, astrology continues to play an important role. Unlike the olden days, however, matches can now be made online by online horoscopes. In other words, the online jathagam generation is here. With more options for a horoscope generator than ever before, the online jathagam generation, while tech-savvy, may find it challenging to choose a credible source. 

There are some things you should consider before choosing your astrology chart generator:

1. Look for a secure and trustworthy site. The best sites will have a privacy policy and SSL certificate (the “https” in the URL) and won’t ask you for your email or phone number.

2. Make sure that the website allows you to create an account so that you can save your chart and return to it later (if it doesn’t, then this is not a very useful feature). Some websites allow users to save up to five free horoscope charts at once, which can be helpful if you want multiple charts for siblings or friends. 

Here, on you can generate as many free horoscope charts as you want and save the reports because you get the horoscope chart directly on your email. 

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