Update 1-Dec: Upcoming session information was emailed to all the participants on 30-Nov. If you haven’t received it, please contact the support team on us@os.me. And, you can use this link: https://app.sli.do/event/8eipa7cr to post any questions you would like Om Swami to address in the Q&A session. 

Dear Leader!

When you go to a restaurant with your friends and family and everyone leaves the menu in your hand to place the order, it usually means you are the leader in the group. And that’s the thing with leaders: they don’t exert their authority but somehow those around a natural leader automatically lookup to him/her for foresight and guidance.

And being a leader is not easy, for not only it carries a lot of responsibility, but it also requires you to see opportunities where others see challenges. The word leader demands that not only you decide for yourself but also make decisions for those who depend on you.

Whether you are heading a team or thinking of starting your business, I want you to know that there’s plenty for you in Walk the Dragon.

This memo has some important information. Please spare a couple of careful minutes to go through the information herein.

1. Communication

Every week you will receive two emails (on Monday and Wednesday) as follows:

1a. Upcoming Session Information
Every Monday starting 30-Nov, you will receive an email from “Om Swami” in your inbox. It will contain recommended reading for the next two weeks and a link to the Q&A website where you can ask your questions for the upcoming session, see other questions and upvote any question that you like. You will also be able to ask your questions during the live session using the link provided in that email.

1b. Zoom link
Every Wednesday starting 2-Dec, you will receive an email containing a unique Zoom link only for you. One link per device. (More details in the section below). This email will be directly sent by Zoom from “no-reply@zoom.us”. The sender’s name will show as “Om Swami”. The email, along with other information, will say “Click Here to Join”. This is the link you’ll need to click to join the live session.

2. Recommended Reading

Every week, before our session, you’ll be required to finish reading a book. Reading one book is mandatory and gobbling up two will be phenomenal. These books are my way of being with you throughout the week. As mentioned above, you will receive two weeks’ reading recommendations in advance (except for the first session, where you’ll only receive the recommendation a week in advance). I recommend getting used to e-books as they can be bought and accessed instantly.

3. Attending the Live Session

Four days before (Every Wednesday) the telecast date of the session, you will receive a unique Zoom link which will be different for each week. Please keep an eye on your Spam or Junk folder as this link is directly sent by Zoom and sometimes ends up in those folders. (In case, you aren’t familiar with Zoom, please go to zoom.us and download their software. You will need to create a free Zoom account.) Please note that the access link is only accessible on one device. So, if you share your link with anyone else, you will be automatically logged out of the event and they’ll login in your place.

4. Participating in the Q&A

In the Upcoming Session Information email you’ll receive every Monday, there will be a link you can use to put any questions to me. You can ask your question in advance or during the actual live session. I’ll receive these questions in real time and will answer as many as I can from the most “upvoted” questions. You can either post your own question or see questions asked by other participants and you can also upvote any existing question that you’d also like answered. (We are using sli.do for live Q&A).

5. Watching the Recording

Forty-eight hours after the session has ended, you will be able to watch the recording on os.me/wtd. You will need to login to os.me. If you are already a member of os.me (and you used the same email to register for the program), simply login using your usual credentials and you will automatically have access to the session recording.

In case, you are not a member of os.me, it’s not a problem because we have already created your login. Just go to https://os.me/login/?rcp_action=lostpassword to reset your password. Please use the email you used for registration to Walk the Dragon program as your username to login to os.me. You can view session recordings an unlimited number of times until 31-Jan-2022.

6. Important Dates

All live sessions will begin at sharp 6:30pm IST every Sunday starting 6-Dec. All dates of note are:

6-Dec, 13, 20, 27, 3-Jan, 10, and 17-Jan: Live Sessions
30-Nov, 7-Dec, 14, 21, 28, 4-Jan, and 14-Jan: Upcoming session information emails will be sent to you.
2-Dec, 9, 16, 23, 30, 6-Jan, and 13-Jan: Unique Zoom link for the weekly live session.

7. Support

If you have any questions, please contact the support team on us@os.me.

I look forward to seeing you on 6-Dec.

Meanwhile, please keep an eye on your inbox to receive the Upcoming Session Information email on 30-Nov and your Zoom access link on 2-Dec.

The dragon is waiting to be tamed.